Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Four Seasons, Four Poems
Winter, spring, summer, fall, with seasonal poems, we got them all.

Winter’s Icy Fingers

Icy fields are all around
And it seems all life is gone,
Gathering ‘round a fire at night,
Waiting for the next dawn.

How dead is it?

And how does it happen so fast?
One minute it’s summer, the next its fall, and winter,
But, only winter lasts.

Only winter lasts

The other seasons come and go
Spring rains, and summer heat, with a mix of Autumn leaves
But only winter never goes.

–Connor S.

A Spring Awakening

The sun brings light to a new spring day
Nature is awaking from winter’s long rest
The flowers and trees are ready to bloom
With spring’s abundant bounty, we will be blessed.

The resilient colors of spring seep back with new life
Winter’s dull grays are melting away
Everyone is ready; they’ve slumbered through winter
Waiting for this spring, the start of a joyous new day.

Life resumes it’s happy, active pace
The world is back in full swing
Winter has faded away,
We’re alive with what spring has to bring.

– Nicole G.


The Sun blazes against our cool necks.
Children play in the warm pool
with no care at all
because they don’t have school.

All the giggles and jokes,
memories that will last forever,
staying up all night is so much fun. Will it end?

We say never!

The trees and flowers are already fully bloomed.
The grass is ravenous for just a single drink.
Summer will never end!

But that is just what we think.

– Dave T.


The colors change
from tree to tree,
they are quite beautiful
as you can see.

There’s bonfires
and of course Thanksgiving.
The season is perfect
and definitely worth living.

The leaves fall
from the top to the ground,
it is breath-taking,
and makes my world spin around.

– Ben C.

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